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Glastonbury Festival on-site Information Services

When Glastonbury Festival on-site Information Services decided to build a Cloud based system that staff could use to service the queries of festival goers, they came to Cevolution.

Quest Software

Quest wanted to evolve Defender, their flagship identity access management product, and turned to Cevolution for help.


Icera was facing multiple issues with their Multiplexing Bus Device Drivers and so turned to Cevolution for expert analysis and debugging.


Solarflare Communications needed help to certify their Device Drivers for Windows 7; Cevolution was the partner they chose.


When Thales wanted to evolve the management and monitoring facilities in their Link 16 Network Management System (NMS) family of defense products, it was Cevolution they turned to.

ALS Technologies

Service provider ALS Technologies required a solution that would let them capture and store over 1 Terabyte of multi-channel Sonar data, at high-speed, and in under 6 hours. The expertise at Cevolution proved invaluable in helping them achieve their goal.